Sunday, January 1, 2012

January 1, 2012

Very first day of this weight loss project. There have many of these first days for me, some have been successful, some not. Problem was that I could not keep the weight off. I'll bet there aren't very many programs out there that I haven't tried. The biggest setback with their success was ME! I would start out full of motivation and determination, lose weight, then never keep up the maintenance part of it. So, the weight would come back, always with a little extra. A vicious circle I have been going around for a lot of years.
I haven't felt well for months and have been depressed about not having any energy to do anything but sit. I know it is all this extra weight I am dragging around with me.
So, after much thought on all of the options and programs I could do, I decided to go back and do the one program that did work the best for me and one that I actually felt good on. I am starting out with a 10 week program with an additional 2 weeks for an adjustment period. We will see where I am at that point as to how much longer I need to spend in "Actual" weight loss.
This time I am making a commitment to the Maintenance part of the program so I can finally keep the weight off and start feeling better.
For the next 3 days, according to my book, I will be doing what they call "Prep" menu. This is mainly to prepare my gallbladder for the diet so I don't have to worry about a big issue with that. Today I am also forcing myself to get outside and at least walk around the block once. I do have the luxury of having 2 dogs who love to go for walks, so today my husband can watch football and I will walk the dogs.
I don't have a number goal for the weight loss, my goal is to get myself where I am healthy and energized. Fitting into my favorite clothes will be a bonus.
See you tomorrow, on day 2.

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