Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January 2

I made it through today but it sure wasn't easy.  I drank a lot of water, and was careful to follow the eating plan but all I thought about was FOOD.  I took one of my dogs for a little walk in the afternoon and wore my pedometer.  I got 3200 steps in today which is amazing for me.  Getting past the craving part is going to be the biggest hurdle for me.  I use food for comfort, even when I am not hungry.  I love to eat snacks in bed watching television, which is so bad.

Today I took my measurements (gasp!) and wrote them down in my book and also taped a small copy to my bathroom mirror as an incentive.  My brain didn't think I was that big, but that tape measure was an eye opener.  I got on the scale the very first day, but was afraid to go near it today.  Maybe tomorrow.

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  1. You are doing great. Just the courage to get the tape measure out and get on the scale is a huge feat. Coming from a family that loves to eat, I know it is hard when you start craving things.